Product Recommendations

Kevy's Product Recommendations use individual contact behavior to identify and promote related products. You can add recommended products to emails to increase revenue and encourage repeat purchases. In this article, you’ll learn how the Product Recommendations feature works and how to use and view Product Recommendations data in Kevy.


How Product Recommendations Work

Once your store is connected, Kevy tracks purchase and order history, cart status, and browser and page view information from all of your customers. Kevy then analyzes this data to recommend products for each individual customer. For purchasers that do not have enough data to generate recommendations, Kevy displays your store's top selling products.


Use or View Product Recommendations

There are three ways to use or view this data:

1) Add dynamic product recommendations to an email template, or an email in the Send Center. For articles describing how to build an email with Kevy's design tools, look here: Create an email template, or Send an email.

In the drag 'n drop editor, drag the Product Rec. component into your email. You can choose how many products to include, as well as how the content block should look. You can even use live preview to scroll through each recipient of the email, and view their individual product recommendations.





2) Product recommendations can be viewed for each contact by navigating to Segmentation > Contacts > and selecting a contact, and then clicking Recommendations from the top menu.



3) Finally, view product recommendations for a specific product by navigating to the product profile in the ProductsProducts section and selecting an individual product. Scroll to the bottom of the specific product profile, you will see the related products.  



Best Practices - Recommended Uses

Design your promotions - use product recommendations to create targeted email campaigns offering deals. For example, "many customers who purchases the Spirit Boots also purchase the Uma Loafers - use this coupon code for 10% off the Uma Loafers".

Motivate repeat buyers - send relevant product recommendations to repeat buyers that have not made a purchase recently. 

Combine with segmentation data - Use Kevy's segmentation data to send relevant recommendations to customers at times when they are most likely to buy.  



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