Exporting CSV Files

You may need to export CSV files of your lists, contacts or database. We want you to have full access to your data, so we have made it easy for you to export files. 

Each export will include the full data-set of your contact information - everything from email to total spent at your store. 


To export, simply follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to segmentation, then to the list you would like to export

2. Click the on your desired list, and at the top you will see headings, including "view subscribed contacts" and "view unsubscribed contacts".   

3. Click the desired contacts tab

4. At the top right of the table, you will notice a gray "Export CSV" button.  Click this button and your CSV will begin downloading to your login email address. 

5. You will receive an email saying "Your export is ready to be downloaded here".  

Depending on the way your computer is set to auto-download, this may save automatically as a spreadsheet as soon as you click 'here'.  However, if it does not auto-open, you will simply right-click this link and save it to your computer.


6.  Your CSV will then save to your computer and you can access the entire file in spreadsheet format.




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