Selecting Your Audience

When setting up a pop-up offer for your ecommerce site, Kevy has a few options to choose from for the audience.

1.) Everyone - this means every visitor who comes to your site will be presented with the pop-up offer.

2.) Anonymous Visitors - only visitors who have not been identified (whose email addresses have not been captured) will receive the offer. 

*Tip: Select an 'Email Capture' offer template when using this audience option.

3.) Visitors and Contacts Already Identified - The offer will only display for visitors whose email addresses you have already captured.

*Tip: Select a 'Call to Action' offer template when using this audience option.

4.) Display Offer Based on Custom Rules - This is the most personalized way to display an offer to your visitors. You can display the offer based on whichever rules you select. For example, you may choose to show an offer to a visitor after they have viewed 'X Product' 3 times. 

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