Sending Emails

When you are ready to begin launching your email campaigns, you will need to use our email sending features. Kevy provides a wizard to walk you through each step. To get started you will:  

1. Select the Send Center tab from the left-hand menu.

2. This view shows your saved Emails with associated metrics. Click Send New Email from the top-right.

3. Follow the steps in the wizard.

  • Step 1 – Basic Info. This is where you will name the email and select the Campaign you want the email associated with.

Note - it is important to select a campaign, because Kevy will track revenue gained from the email sent using the unique campaign ID. 

  • Step 2 – Select Your Template. You can select from our basic templates or one you previously created.


  • Step 3 – Design. You can edit any aspect of the template you select to customize it for your recipient list.


  • Step 4 – Preview.  You can preview the design of your email.  Please see this article for additional details.    
  • Step 5 – Set Up. Here, you will determine who the email is sent from, sent to, what email address will receive any replies, and you will create your subject line. You will also determine to which list(s) the email will be sent or suppressed. And finally, you have the ability to set the delivery date and time. An email may be sent immediately, or scheduled to be sent on a later date (based on the time zone in your account settings).


  • Step 6 – Confirm and Send.  When your email is complete and ready to send, click on Send Now to send the email immediately.  Click on Scheduled to schedule a future time and date when the email will be sent.


4. After your email is sent, you will be able to see a report of all open, click, and revenue data by clicking on the email.

Best Practices - Suppression Lists

Be sure to use Suppression Lists when sending any emails from Kevy. Suppression lists allow you to exclude one or many lists from the Email Send. For more information on suppression lists - see this article

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