The Kevy Admin is where you can control account details, users, and user permissions.

In order to be CAN SPAM compliant, your address will be added by default to every outbound email. Ensure it is accurate by going to AdminUsers.

In the Account Settings, you can adjust your time zone. The time zone WILL determine when emails are sent, so ensure the time zone is the one you desire.

To add a new user, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Select Users from the sub-navigation under Admin in the left-hand menu.

    2. This view shows you the list of Users associated with your Kevy store. Select Create User from the top right.
    3. Simply add in the new user’s Email, Password, First name, and Last name.
    4. Lastly, set the User Role: Viewer, Manager, or Admin. This sets the permissions granted to the user.

    5. When complete, select Create User at the bottom right.

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