Abandon Cart - Prebuilt Template using the Classic Editor

One of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox is the abandon cart message. 

You can create your own dynamic cart recovery template within Kevy. Below are the steps you'll need to use our Dynamic Tags to build a custom cart recovery email that includes each customer's left-behind items.  This page explains how to use the Classic Editor.  For instructions on the Drag'n Drop Editor, see this page.

Kevy provides a default template in the Kevy template library called "Cart Recovery Template".  Navigate to Email Templates in the left hand menu.  Click on Create Email Template at the top right.  You will then name your template and choose either the Classic Editor or the Drag'n Drop Editor.  

This section will illustrate how to use the Classic Editor.  Once you select classic editor, you will be taken to a page to design your template.  


Click on Basic Templates at the top, and scroll down to select the Cart Recovery Template.  Once the cart recovery template is selected, click Next at the top to move into the Design phase, pictured below:

To dynamically include the contacts first name, you will use this series:

FIRST NAME: {% if contact.first_name %} {{ contact.first_name }}{% endif %} 

  • {% if contact.first_name %} = If the contact has a first name associated to an email, then we will populate the first name here.
  • {{ contact.first_name }} = The contacts first name
  • {% endif %} = Ending the first name statement


To add the items the contact left in their cart, you will use the below:

Order items:  {% for line in cart_line_items %} {{ line.quantity }}x {{ line.title }}

{% endfor %}

  • {% for line in cart_line_items %} = this line is the most important because it gives the command to list ALL items left in the cart. 
  • {{ line.quantity }}x = This shows the quantity, so if the quantity was 1, this would show as '1x'
  • {{ line.title }} = This will show the title/name of the product(s) left behind.

Shopping cart:

  • To direct people back to their carts, simply create a button or text, and hyperlink it to your general shopping cart page. If the contact is already logged in, they will be directed to their own unique cart. Otherwise, your store may prompt them to log in to see their cart items. 

Once sent, the customer will see this email as below:

You can preview this email by clicking Next at the top.  Click Next one more time to reach Setup, where you can input the from name, the from email, the reply to email, and the subject line:

To finish creating this template, click Save and Exit at the top.

To customize your own Abandon Cart template, click here







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