Popup Offers - How to Attribute Revenue to Popups

As a marketer that cares about results, you may want to know how much revenue each popup brings to your bottom line. This helps you see the results of your campaign and gain direct insights into how your customers engage with your offers. 

Kevy lets you track revenue in two ways: 

  1. Email Autoresponder: After someone signs up through your popup, you can send an automated email follow-up to that new user. Because the autresponder is unique to the popup, Kevy can attribute revenue through tracking a customer's click-through: from email click to completing a purchase. 
  2. Unique Coupon Codes: The second way to track revenue is by assigning each popup a unique coupon code. This is an easy and powerful way to see the results of each popup campaign - we will review how to set this up below.


Email Autoresponders:

To setup an email autoresponder in your popup offer, you will follow the below steps: 

  • Navigate to the 'Offers' tab and click the "Create Offer" button
  • Design you popup and select action "Capture Email" from the drop down on the left-hand menu
  • Once you have designed your popup and selected your desired audience, you can add actions by navigating to the "Action" tab in the wizard. 
  • Select "Send Email" and then click "Add Action"
  • The dropdown will show you a list of your email templates. Select your desired template and hit save. 

NOTE: Be sure to include a link to your website so Kevy can track click activity, and don't forget to include the coupon code - your customers may want to save it for a later use!


Unique Coupon Codes:

The cleanest and most powerful way to associate revenue to your popup offers is through using our custom coupon code tracking tool.

When you use a dedicated code per popup, Kevy can look at every order placed that uses that coupon code, and then attribute it to the correct popup.

NOTE: It is important that this coupon code is not used in any other campaigns since any order placed using this unique code will be tied to the popup.  

How to setup:

  • Create a unique coupon code in your ecommerce platform
  • Create your popup (setup guide here) and determin which audience you want to reveal the popup to
  • Once you have designed your popup, navigate to the 'Settings' tab in the popup wizard
  • On the right-hand side of the settings box, you will see a field for 'Coupon Code', put the code you wish to track in this field
  • Save and activate!

Now any orders that use this code in check-out, will be associated to this popup campaign.



See the results!

Once you activate and launch your campaign, Kevy will go to work showing the popup to the right people, and linking every order to the popup that uses the unique code. 

In the screenshot below you can see that both Free Shipping and Browse Abandon offers give customers a unique coupon code. Kevy looks for orders that use this code, and shows the totals under the Revenue column. (And they seem to be very successful!)

The New Signups Popup is now active and does not offer a coupon code, so Kevy cannot show revenue for this popup.  



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