Creating Custom Fields


Creating Custom Fields:

Custom fields are used to gather information about the contacts in your store. Here are several examples of how you might use custom properties:

  • To collect additional information about your contacts, their product preferences, gender, and size.
  • To collect contacts' preferences, such as email frequency and type of content preferred.
  • To collect contacts' responses to a questionnaire or survey.

You can collect any information you'd like about a contact using custom fields, and then use this information to target specific contacts in dynamic lists and automated triggers. You have the ability to add unlimited custom fields to your account.

Steps in creating custom fields:

1. After logging into your Kevy account, go to the Admin section and click on Custom Fields:


2. You'll be routed to this page where you click on "create custom field":


3. The next window will some blank field where you can type in the "Contributor First Name" the "Field Name" and choose the field type between "Date" or "Text". Once you finished filling out the fields just click on the "create custom field" button.






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