Setting Up Double-Opt In for Your Form Handler

Double opt-in is a process through which a new contact must confirm their email address before being processed by a form handler.

When a Kevy form handler has double opt-in enabled, new contacts will receive a confirmation email immediately after submitting to the form. This email will prompt them to confirm their subscription. Only contacts that confirm their subscription will be processed by the form handler's actions.

Enabling Double Opt-in

Double opt-in is enabled by default when creating a new form handler. You can find whether double opt-in is enabled when editing your form handler under the "What specific settings?" section.


Note: If a template is not selected, a default confirmation email like in the screenshot below:

Creating Opt-in Template

To customize your opt-in template, create a new email template. On the Template step, select the Layouts tab, and click Select under the Opt-in Template.



Under the Design step, edit the design and message of the subscription template. Keep it simple - this email should not include images or extensive copy.

Note: There must be a button or link with {{opt_in_link}} in order for the contact to confirm their subscription.

Under the Setup step, enter the from email and the subject line. Note that you may also specify a reply-to email address that is different from the sent-from email address, if so desired.

Once complete, click Save and Exit.

Selecting Opt-in Template

After creating your opt-in template, return to the form handler, and select the template's name via the dropdown. Click Update Form Handler to save the settings.

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